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ttingen forward in my seat and my right. moviesand T had to lean forward and move and I felt his hand on my leg under the table. I looked at her sharply and she just smiled and winked. My wife was talking to his neighbor as T moves his hand on my crotch and rubbed his cock through my pants. A few minutes later, T got up and went to the bathroom and when he returned I thought I would try my luck with it. Once again, leaned over to Rick, our Head of Department. Listen, this time with his hands under the table. My wife was talking about it more deeply, so I put my hand on her bare knees, T. Instead slumped forward in his chair back and then, to my surprise, she slid off the seat, as if moviesand angry. I put my hand on her thigh and under her dress. I discovered a shaved pussy, no panties, and high humidity. Meanwhile, I was in panic. What we could do. She looked across the table. I kept stroking her pussy and it all hAVING a good time telling stories, laughing and throwing
Quotes ood and drinks in the moviesand throat. after T fingers for something like half an hour, I said, I have to pee and went upstairs to the bathroom. I was accused of a straw for calm thinking, but when I stood on the top of the stairs, I heard the door open in the bottom of the stairs and saw a T down the stairs. They literally dragged me into the bathroom with disabilities, opened my pants and grabbed my cock and went for me in a very short moviesand time. I said I had to be quick, so let them and lifted her dress for me and I joined in its defense against the bathroom door. I shot my load very fast, 30 minutes seems to do an audition for me, and used clothes and went down. Not lost even. The following Monday I went back to work and got a message from T, which said: " You owe me something. " I quickly found a reason to go to his desk, and during the review of certain documents, whispered, " What do I owe you ". and she said, " orgasm". And I thought, "Here we go. "


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This must be our office party at Christmas '96 and '97 have been. We had a Greek restaurant in west London at night. We meet all were in a nearby pub and by the time we went to a restaurant that we are all very pleased with the spirit of Christmas. Partners were invited, so I took my wife and we were sitting in front of T. and her husband. I had known and worked with T. for 2 years with nothing more than the usual contact and professional courtesy. We have worked in the same office cubicle, but rarely has it been working on all company projects. The food was booked a Greek meze, which consists of a series of Greek food on the table constantly. Between courses, there was a lot of teasing, pulling crackers, poppers burn and lots of laughter. The tables were not so far away and I realized that my knees were knocking on the T 's on the table. She smiled, and the night was good. We listen to our moviesand department head at the top of moviesand the table for their stories, that s isI